SEATTLE – Before Brian Tracy takes part in a 25-mile bike ride on Sunday, he will share some of his story with cyclists at this year’s Obliteride.

Tracy was diagnosed with brain cancer last year. His wife Kim was three months pregnant at the time.

“At first, it was overwhelming how many calls we were getting, so we were like, you can go to this one place,” said Tracy

He set up a family blog, filled with emotional moments from their daughter Rosie's birth to details on his diagnosis. Last month brought the good news that he finished cancer treatments.

“I'm not cured. I have a tumor in my brain. It is significantly smaller which is awesome,” said Tracy.

Early on he adopted the motto, ‘Be Positive.’ It was even printed on t-shirts.

Amy Lavin, Executive Director of Obliteride, heard about it and met with the Tracy family.

“He immediately said he didn't want to choose fighting cancer, everyone uses the term fighting cancer. From the beginning he chose to love it away,” said Lavin.

“I’m learning to live with cancer and be happy and have a family,” said Tracy.

He plans to ride his bike at Obliteride on Sunday to help raise money for cancer research. His wife and 9-month-old daughter along with family and friends will be there cheering for him

Learn more about the ‘Be Positive movement here:

Obliteride takes place from August 12-14.