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Washington's oldest cadet becomes a trooper at age 52

Life begins at 52. At least that's the case for Gregory Andrews, one of the state patrol's newest troopers.

Gregory Andrews is no longer a Washington State Patrol cadet.

On Wednesday he was sworn in as a state trooper.

His nickname isn't changing, though.

"I'm still 'Dad,'" said Andrews.

At 52, Andrews is believed to be the oldest cadet to ever make it through the state's academy. The average age for WSP cadets is 25.

"I tried to do it quietly, but that wasn't going to happen," said Andrews.

He feared his co-cadets would treat him differently, but other than a couple of odd looks in the early days of the academy, he said everyone accepted him.

"When they realized, 'Yeah, he can do it,' they're just like, 'Oh, he's one of us.'"

Andrews always wanted to be in law enforcement, but he got married, had children, and started a business instead.

But when his children grew up and he sold his business, he decided to fulfill that dream.

He said it was worth the wait.

"Ready to go!" said Andrews, who will be based out of Olympia.

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