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Burien elementary kids learn emergency preparedness

Students at Hazel Valley Elementary took part in "Hero Academy."
Students at Hazel Valley Elementary in Burien took part in "Hero Academy," which focused on emergency preparedness when disaster strikes. (Photo: KING)

The kids at Hazel Valley Elementary School in Burien learned what to do if disaster strikes. They took part in a special event called "Hero Academy."

Volunteers from Pemco insurance taught students how to respond and take action during an emergency through a serious of workshops.

The Red Cross was also on hand helping teach valuable lessons.

School principal Casey Jeannot says it's important for the children to be prepared.

"I think just having an overall day where they're really taking something, like the teddy bear, and really thinking about how would I protect, not just myself, but my family, my community. So in any situation, I would have some thoughts about what I would do," she said.

Participants not only learned about responding to house fires, earthquakes and storms, they also received an emergency preparedness kit containing important survival supplies to share with their families.

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