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'He was full of life': Brother of slain Bothell police officer speaks out

Jonathan Shoop was planning to get married and have kids before his life was cut short when a routine traffic stop turned into a deadly shooting on July 13.

SNOHOMISH, Wash. — The Shoop family never failed to gather together for Sunday dinner. The wooden dining table inside Jared Shoop's Snohomish house is now covered with flowers and remembrances.

It's a sort of sacred space for the family on so many levels.

Jared had no idea last Sunday's meal would be the last time he'd ever see his brother, Jonathan, alive.

"To be robbed of that future as a family and see my brother robbed of that future is a tragedy," said elder brother Jared Shoop.

Jonathan Shoop served six years in the U.S. Coast Guard before taking a lucrative job at Amazon. But it didn't feel right.

A proud Washington Husky, Jonathan told his brother at the 2019 Rose Bowl game he wanted to live a life of service. So, he quit his job to become a cop.

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Soon thereafter, Jonathan took a 50% pay cut and joined the Bothell Police Department. Jared, a Duvall firefighter, joined his brother at the graduation ceremony.

"That's the saddest part of this whole thing to the family is that he was becoming the man he was gonna be right in front of us. Rachel was a big part of that," said Jared.

Rachel was Jonathan's soon-to-be fiancée, the love of his life. The two were inseparable. Jared said he foresaw an engagement next winter for the couple and kids soon after that.

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"I worry mostly about Rachel and my mom. I don't think losing a child is fair for any parent," he said.

Jane Shoop gave birth to three boys. Jonathan was her baby.

She's now in an assisted living facility, dealing with the sudden death of her son during a coronavirus lockdown.

"Her world is upside down and destroyed," said Jared.

In better times Jane traveled with her boys to Cuba, where Jonathan was in typical form. Jared described it as one of the happiest times his family ever had.

"From sun up to sun down he was full of life. He was all in with any activity we were doing. Whether it was a cigar shop, a rum tasting, a choir, or just a drive he was there with his sense of humor and love of life," he said.

A life that was ended for no reason.

On Friday, the Snohomish County Multiple Agency Response Team (SMART), the agency investigating his brother's death announced Jonathan Shoop had been killed by a bullet from his own partner's gun.

The agency released a statement that said, "It is believed the male (suspect) fired two rounds into the patrol SUV. One broke the driver’s side window and the other hit Officer Kumcur’s firearm, ricocheted and struck him in the head. It is also believed Officer Kumcur fired multiple times with one of the shots striking and killing Officer Shoop in the crossfire."

Jared Shoop responded with his own statement. 

"The death of my brother is solely the fault of the suspect. Any actions taken by Jonathan’s partner were a frantic effort to save his life. Bothell PD is in our family’s prayers."

For now, a photograph of Jonathan holding his two nephews sits on the porch just outside Jared's front door.

Jared said it's a reminder to all who enter that this home will never be the same. "We miss him. He's a hero in our eyes, and always will be."

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