SEATTLE — Parents at Ingraham High School want to make sure all students have an equal education. To do that, the school’s parent-teacher organization, Friends of Ingraham High, launch a program in 2016 called Bright Futures.

“I believe the kids feel like they’re cared for. We care for them like we do every student,” said Ruth Pappas, who help create Bright Futures.

The program is designed to fill students’ needs, so they can focus on learning. Pappas said currently there at least 100 students with housing insecurities.

“I don’t know what else to say other than it makes me sad,” said Pappas.

The program is anonymous. The school’s principal Martin Floe said students work with counselors and items purchased are paid for through a donation fund, which raised $70,000 during a fundraiser in March.

“What we’re trying to do is normalize the experience for all of our students. To make sure whether it’s school gear, laptop, food for the weekend, everything they need so that they can put education first,” said Principal Floe.

Pappas said prioritizing education needs to be a community effort, and even though her children no longer attend Ingraham High School, she will continue working to grow Bright Futures.

“The more that we can support everyone to succeed, have a wonderful education, the better off it is” said Pappas.  

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