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Both sides of I-940 describe why the Washington initiative is personal

Those for and against I-940, De-escalate Washington, explained why the measure is so personal to them.

On Thursday night, members of law enforcement were making arguments for and against I-940.

The initiative would make it easier to prosecute police officers in negligent deadly shootings. It would also require de-escalation and mental health intervention training for officers.

During a Thursday evening rally in South Seattle, supporters of the measure said I-940 would save lives.

Monika Williams who lost her sister, Charleena Lyles, in an officer-involved shooting on June 18, 2017, said officers need more training.

"No family should have to go through this," she said. "This initiative should stop other families from having to go through this."

Kevin Stuckey, President of the Seattle Police Officers Guild, opposes I-940.

"You are asking me to roll through my mind and actually be contemplating about what your state of mind is as you are attacking me," said Stuckey.

He says at a time when the job is increasingly violent and more difficult, the requirements of I-940 could cause officers to hesitate.

"We embrace training. Give me the training so I can be the best that I can be. But that is not what this is about. This is about actually having the opportunity to actually prosecute officers for actually doing their jobs," said Stuckey.

Carlos Bratcher, a retired King County Sheriffs Deputy who served for 26 years, disagrees. Bratcher is also with the Black Law Enforcement Association and National Black Police Association.

"It is not about prosecuting officers. It is about keeping officers safe. Being able to protect the community by having enhanced training, crisis intervention. mental health and first aid," said Bratcher.

The general election happens on November 6.

Inside politics debate: I-940 De-Escalate Washington

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