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Bonney Lake Food Bank in dire need of donations and more space

Donations to the Bonney Lake Food Bank have taken a significant hit in the past two years, while the need continues to grow.

At the Bonney Lake Food Bank, volunteers distribute food to people who need it most. The food bank serves thousands, but a decrease in donations and a growing need has it at risk of closing.

"Food isn't the issue. We have food. The issue is money and a building," said the Bonney Lake Food Bank’s Executive Director Stew Bowen.

Bowen said monetary donations have taken a significant hit in the past two years.

"We were bringing in $7,500 a month two years ago, and now we're averaging like $1,400 month," said Bowen.

He added that the need continues to grow and the organization has grown out of its building, but does not have the financial means to move.

The food bank is open four days a week. It serves an estimated 1,000 people a month and provides 800 school children with backpacks of food for when they’re not at school.

“It not just food, it’s hope that we provide here,” said Bowen.

The organization is now putting out a plea for help. Bowen believes that if something doesn’t change, the Bonney Lake Food Bank will run out of funds in the next seven months.

“We will be able to rise above this and continue on,” said Bowen.

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