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Boise city councilman hopes to update the city's codes on animal cruelty

The proposal would allow good samaritans to break a car window if a dog was inside overheating.

BOISE, Idaho — Efforts are underway to update Boise's animal cruelty laws, which would allow citizens to break car windows to get animals out of hot cars and effectively ban circuses that include exotic animals.

Boise City Councilman TJ Thomson says the city's code surrounding animal abuse hasn't been updated in decades and needs to be updated.

Thomson wants to change the law so that if an animal control officer, or a good samaritan, sees a dog in a hot car, they can break the window to free the dog if necessary.

According to current city code, only police have the authority to break a car window if a dog is left inside.

Thomson also wants to update Boise's law on service animals, which currently only references blind people.

The proposed rewritten city codes also calls for a ban on retail pet stores to prevent puppy mills.

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"This hasn't been addressed in decades and it's something I care a lot about," Thomson said. "I have had over 100 people write me since I have been working on this, just posting on social media, over 100 people have written and said we will be at City Hall to support you."

Finally, Thomson's proposal would ban traveling circuses with exotic animals coming to Boise.

"I think the days are over, I would hope, when we need to see an elephant on roller skates in a dress or standing on its head because it’s been hit with a bullhook just to entertain us," Thomson said.

Thomson will present his plan to city council members at an afternoon work session Tuesday.

He hopes to have a public hearing soon.

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