This next hike was suggested by our very own, Tony Black. By the way, the name "Poo Poo Point" actually refers to the sound steam whistles made in the Tiger Mountain area during the early days of logging.

It's a great hike for beginners and offers great views of Mount Rainier and the central Puget Sound when the weather cooperates.

On the day of our hike, it was cool, damp, and cloudy. A less than perfect setting for Tony to complete his first hike in Western Washington.

As soon as you park, follow the gravel pathway to the start of the hike. To your right is the landing zone for paragliders. Although the destination is Poo Poo Point, a shoulder of Tiger Mountain, the actual trail is dubbed the Chirico Trail. It is extremely well-marked, and you can bet on running into plenty of other hikers on a weekend or nicer weekday.

The first stretch of trail is quite rocky, at times resembling an outdoor stair-master. There is an abundance of places to sit down, so take your time.

About a mile and a half into the hike, you come to a clearing. When the weather is better, this is a great spot for a picnic and check out Mount Rainier. The final destination is not far away! A quarter mile walk, and a quick jaunt up a small hill, and you arrive at Poo Poo Point.

Enjoy the views, and admire the courage of those who use this as a platform to launch their paragliders!