Public safety was on the agenda for weeks, but the item gave Belltown residents an opportunity to voice concerns to police about the impact of a triple shooting.

The investigation of a fight turned shooting – that left two people dead and another in the hospital last week – is ongoing, according to Seattle Police Captain Tom Mahaffey, adding, “we’re confident there will be a resolution.”

He says those involved were not from the area and he does not believe there is an ongoing threat to the Belltown community.

“It’s major transit corridor. We have buses, we have light rail, so it allows people to come in from other areas. And if they're bent on doing some kind of criminal act or engaging in antisocial behavior, it definitely has an effect on the community,” Capt. Mahaffey said.

Some who work in the area say they are becoming desensitized to crime in the area.

“It definitely happens with a frequency that it becomes less shocking,” said Adam Wakeling, managing partner of The Crocodile. He says there was a drive-by shooting outside the bar and live music venue within the last year, and increased drug activity in the area.

“In the last two years, it definitely feels like it's gotten worse. I feel like people are pushed into this neighborhood, trying to keep Westlake cleared out and Amazonia down the street.”

At a meeting at the Belltown Community Center Wednesday evening, police told residents that property crime in the area is up 20 percent. They say it is possible these crimes could lead to more violent crimes.

“We have a small amount of prolific offenders that are committing the majority of our crimes, so whether they're involved in property crimes or potentially other crimes as well is likely,” Capt. Mahaffey said.

Seattle Police say they are increasing police presence in Belltown to deter criminals, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights.