Two Whatcom County men are being called "courageous" after they jumped in to save another woman's life on Sunday afternoon.

Bellingham Police Department responded to calls of a woman on an overpass of Interstate 5, looking like she was going to slide over onto the freeway. It happened near the Bellis Fair Mall exit after 1 p.m. on Sunday, Lt. Don Almer said.

As police responded, two passing motorists who didn't know each other stopped to talk to her and keep her from jumping over the edge onto I-5.

"We’re really proud that a couple citizens said, 'hey, we don't want anything bad to happen'," Almer said. "They took action and seized the moment."

The two men are in their late 30s or early 40s but weren't being named on Monday night.

The woman was adamant that she wasn't going to hurt herself, Almer said, but officers took her to a local mental health hospital to get help. He watched body camera footage from the officers who responded and said when the woman arrived at the hospital, she said she would get the help she needed.

"I think ultimately she got what she needed, which was good," Almer said. "In her own way, I think she's probably happy that the citizens intervened in the way that they did."

Almer said it was another example of the unique community in Bellingham.

"We love it when members of our community help other members of our community," he said. "It might have been the turning point in that person's life that changed it all around."