Bellingham police arrested a 26-year-old man Friday in connection with several explosions that rocked Bellingham city center on September 5 and 16.

Nicholas McNairy was arrested after video evidence from a witness placed him at the scene.

The September 5 explosion occurred on the 400 block of York Street. Police responded to a smoke-filled area and a bus shelter that had its plastic sides and roof shattered.

On September 16, Bellingham police responded to two separate incidents involving explosions. A bridge on 1500 block of Ellis Street was damaged when an explosive device detonated around 1:44 a.m. Roughly 15 minutes later, a second explosion rocked a bus shelter on the 400 block of York Street.

Witlessness captured video evidence showing two men running from the scene shortly after each explosion.

Total damage for the three explosions has been estimated at $4,200.

The investigation is ongoing.