"A Charlie Brown Christmas" is one of the most iconic holiday specials. Many families watch it every year, but did you know a Bellingham woman played a special role in the classic cartoon? She voiced the character, Lucy.

Tracy Shaw is the librarian at Squalicum High School and says she loves a good story. She was a child actor in 1965 when she landed the role in the Peanuts Christmas special.

Tracy was only 10 years old, but she has good memories of her time on the soundstage recording the special.

“I remember laughing a lot,” she recalled.

It was one of the first Christmas specials ever, and by the time they animated Lucy again, her voice had matured but she made her mark.

“Lee Mendelson said to me 'we've always had to model our Lucys after you,” Shaw said.

She could never have known the staying power this story, and this role would have in her life.

“She is pretty funny and she has influenced a lot of people,” Shaw said.

Shaw believes the simple story, the iconic jazz soundtrack and the sweet characters are all part of what makes it so special. She gets new students every year who approach her and ask if the rumors are true.

“It's actually quite an honor to be known as Lucy," Shaw said.

Over the years she's come to love the special and says she doesn't watch it very often, but believes there's a little bit of Lucy in Tracy and a little bit of Tracy in Lucy.

“It always surprises me how genuine and what a wonderful story it is so that goes right back to being in the library, it's all about the stories and if a story touches that many people; that is awesome,” Shaw said.