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Eastside communities consider bike share expansion

The Eastside could see bike share services take off.

Eastside residents may soon get a chance to use the newest bike sharing services that are seeing success in Seattle. The services allow users to leave the bikes anywhere for someone else to use.

Bellevue is hosting an event Wednesday where bike share companies and residents can talk about what it would mean to bring those services to the eastside.

Eight bike share companies from around the world, including the three operating in Seattle, plan to attend. Bellevue Transportation Department staff and other eastside partners will take feedback and answer questions about how the bike share companies might operate in their areas.

Bellevue transportation leaders say this is in the early stages of the process and admit they’re still trying to gauge how comfortable people feel riding bikes in downtown Bellevue.

There are other concerns with bringing the companies to the Eastside. Many of the riders who utilize the Seattle bike share programs don’t use helmets. There are criticisms about the bikes being an eyesore and clogging up already busy sidewalks.

The open house event is set for Wednesday, September 27 from 5-7 p.m. at Bellevue City Hall.

The city of Bellevue is taking feedback on the Bike Share concept and biking in Bellevue until October 20.