Authorities in Puyallup found themselves face to face with "Smokey the Bear," but not the one that prevents forest fires.

A black bear was found on the westbound SR 512 onramp Wednesday, trying to climb over a chain link fence into the Washington State Fairgrounds in Puyallup.

When the bear spotted people, he quickly ran up a tree, where he stayed put until Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife officials arrived at the scene.

Puyallup police and Central Pierce Fire and Rescue crews helped wildlife officers tranquilize the bear while he was in the tree. Once he dozed off, he fell and was caught in a tarp at the base of the tree, which agents had set up.

Wildlife officers were then able to relocate him safely.

Apparently, "Smokey" had been relocated before, police said.

"It must be the smell of the scones, hamburgers, onion rings, hot dogs, and all of the food at the Washington State Fair that he used his nose to bring him back to Puyallup once again," Puyallup Police Department tweeted, along with a photo of "Smokey." "Unfortunately he's about 2 months too early for the fair. "