BAINBRIDGE ISLAND – Chances are you’ll likely catch Sally Noedel around her sewing machine in her shop. The piñata maker is staying busy this campaign season. This time it’s not candy-filled targets shaped in the form of wedding cakes, snowmen or cartoon characters.

It’s a doll of Donald Trump.

"Never imagined in May or June 2016 I'd still be making these,” Noedel said as she smiled. "I got an email from someone the other day saying 'does it work?' ‘I said I hope so.’"

Noedel is making a Donald Trump voodoo doll. The owner of Whata Piñata! said it’s all out of fun and points out she has no ill-will attached to the project.

"There have been voodoo dolls in the past of all different kinds of celebrities and political figures,” she said. "It's just something a lot of different people can have a laugh about."

Sally Noedel at work in her sewing shop. Photo by Josh Green / KING.
Sally Noedel at work in her sewing shop. Photo by Josh Green / KING.

She figures she’s made between 500 or 600 dolls at this point. Someone emailed from Australia this week wanting one.

"I think if Donald Trump keeps going the way he's going I'm going to have to start making them bigger," she said as she smiled. "They might have to be life size.”

Noedel has enlisted her father as well as other help to keep up with the requests she’s getting. She’ll usually listen to books on tape or NPR as she’s making the small Donald dolls that stand about seven inches tall.

"I really like the sharpness of the lines and the color,” she said about the professional silk screen company she’s started using to help her print. “The brilliant yellow color they can get in the hair."

The largest order she’s received so far was Christmas, when she started making them.

“I guess that was their Christmas present this year,” she said as she cut the outline for another doll. "I don't know what else you would do with a dozen voodoo dolls."

Noedel sells the doll on her site for $9.95 a piece.