Mounds of snow are creating a mess in Lake Forest Park. Side streets are covered in snow, and freezing temperatures are in the forecast. Samphy Chen is working to stay a step ahead.

"It is going to be nasty when everything melts," said Chen.

Chen owns Schen Landscape and Construction. Mostly, Chen does insulation work, but weather conditions have slowed business. As a result, he decided to stay busy by removing trees and snow.

He spent Wednesday removing trees outside of Robert Boring's home.

"We've got a wetland back there. With the water and all the snow, the tree started to lean toward the house," said Boring.

“If there was more snow and it weighed down the tree, then it was definitely going to come down,” Chen said. “We just took care of it before it did that."

As Chen was working in the backyard, more hands were helping out front. Boring's nephews were shoveling his driveway. 

"I was actually surprised these guys came and did it," said Boring.

Boring's nephew, Tristan, said he wanted to "do something nice." And the good deeds kept going. When they finished shoveling their uncle's driveway, they helped the neighbor across the street.

It is a big mess on Boring's block, but the neighborhood is shoveling out together.