At 1119 Pacific Avenue in Tacoma, a baby peregrine falcon named Eeyore fell from a man-made nest at the top of a downtown Tacoma office building Wednesday.

The peregrine falcon is known as the fastest bird in the world. But, as fledglings, when they’re learning how to fly, it can be dangerous and nearly fatal for the birds that were once on the endangered species list.

Fergus Hyke works on the 5th floor of the building and keeps an eye out for the falcons. Hyke said the tumbles are frequent as the fledglings learn how to fly.

“This happens every year. We call it flight school. They fall and then we do what we need to do to help them and then that’s it. We’re out.”

Hyke got the help of Wesley Bowens Wednesday, who works in the coffee shop at the post office nearby. Bowens is familiar with birds and studied ornithology.

“A big part of my day every day is seeing the peregrine around, watching them hunt and checking on the nestlings and I just want to make sure they make it.”

Eeyore’s parents, Murray and Harriet, lived atop the building for about a decade. The Falcon Research Group built the falcon box they call the “Tacoma Hilton” to protect the falcons. According to a spokesperson for the group, it’s one of three falcon boxes in the city of Tacoma

Hyke and Bowens focused on returning Eeyore quickly and safely to the nest Wednesday.

“Give it a chance to make it through its first months of life and hopefully survive and reproduce just like his parents."

A local group, The Tacoma Audobon Society, is raising money to set up a webcam to put at the nest box on Pacific Avenue in Tacoma.