AUBURN, Washington — Girls who turned 18 and have aged out of the foster system were given a special birthday celebration in Auburn on Saturday.

The celebration was about lifting confidence and introducing the girls to a community of people who want to see them succeed.

"So often when you're in the foster care system, you think about your 18th birthday and it's not something that you celebrate. It's something that's really scary," volunteer Lisa Barnes explained.

The event was called Celebrate 18 and was hosted by the organization Eileen & Callie's Place. The organization helps train and educate women who have been through the foster system. 

The girls were given the chance to have their hair and make-up done. They were also given resources about financial planning, education, and paid job training. 

"It's just an opportunity, and it's supposed to show that life doesn't have to be all bad. Even though you went through the less fortunate things, there are still organizations that are willing to help you and guide you through stuff," said Ash Robinson, who was in the forester care system until turning 18 in June.