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At least a dozen RVs were damaged or destroyed in a fire Thursday morning the Snohomish Storage on Bickford in Snohomish, Wash.

Snohomish County Fire Chief Ron Simmons said he believes the 3 a.m. fire started in a closed storage building. The cause is under investigation.

“Right now we’re still evaluating to see how many vehicles we have involved,” Chief Simmons said.

“They made a quick attack and basically stopped the fire in the closed building, but we do have a significant number of RV’s, motorhomes, travel trailers, we may have a couple boats in there that have been consumed,” Chief Simmons said.

Neighbors at a nearby development said that they heard 20-30 explosions just after 3 a.m. The fire chief said those explosions came from the propane tanks on the RV’s.

“We have so many propane tanks in these RV’s, and we had some propane tanks inside the building as well,” Chief Simmons said.

Investigators are reviewing surveillance video and access logs to determine who may have entered and left in the hours before the fire. Snohomish Storage is accessible 24 hours a day, and it is always secured by the gate at its entrance. The Snohomish Storage website says that it is a storage facility for boats, RV’s, and other personal belongings.

Snohomish County, Lake Stevens, Everett, and Gold Bar crews all responded to the fire.