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Anonymous customer surprises Washington server with $3,000 tip

The server, a grandmother of seven, could hardly believe the tip was real.

As a restaurant server, Michelle Bozeman has always thought it’s a good idea to greet customers with a smile. On Sunday, her philosophy paid off in a big way.

She received a $3,000 tip after serving a couple their dinner at Ramblin’ Jacks Rib Eye in Napavine, Washington.

"It just restored my faith in humanity, that’s for sure," said Bozeman, who has been a server in Lewis County for more than twenty years. She said her tips over the years helped her raise three children as a single mother.

Bozeman didn’t believe the tip until she turned over the tab and found a message written by the big tipper: "Thanks for smiling. You work hard and the country is in a bad place. Please do something good for another human being. Enjoy. Have credit card company call if they question the tip."

The receipt was accepted by the credit card company. She has no idea who the customer was, but will honor their wishes.

Bozeman shared some of the money with her co-workers, wants to put some towards work around her house, and plans on spoiling her seven grandchildren.

What will she do for herself? "I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland," said Bozeman. "I'll have a Guinness for them."

A server in Lewis County, Washington got the surprise of her career - a $3,000 tip!