ANACORTES, Wash. -- With the Seattle Seahawks pushing for another Super Bowl berth, a neighboring city wants to make sure people get a little history lesson.

2015 marks the 90th anniversary of Anacortes High School adopting its own Seahawks moniker.

"I think everyone in town is a Seahawks fan," commented Anacortes High senior and basketball player Ty Johnson. "We root for both Anacortes and Seattle."

There are plenty of other high schools and colleges that are also called Seahawks. What makes Anacortes unique is that it's believed it was the first to do it.

"If this is true, it's a pretty big claim to make," said Bret Lunsford from the Anacortes Museum.

Several years ago, Lunsford was asked by history buff and Anacortes High graduate Eric Sundblad to investigate whether or not the school is actually home to the original Seahawks.

"It's just a matter of town pride," said Sundblad, "We have our little niche. If we're first, we're first."

After extensive research, Lunsford determined Anacortes can likely lay claim to being first, citing a 1925 school newspaper with an editorial touting the 'Sea Hawk" name.

"We favor the name 'Sea Hawk'," it said, "because it suggests speed, strength, certainty and fighting spirit."

February 2, the city of Anacortes will issue a proclamation, naming it as "Home of the Original Seahawks."

That's the day after the Super Bowl. A coincidence no one seemed to mind, because most hope the Seattle Seahawks will be in that game.

"Yes, go Seahawks," cheered Sundblad, "All Seahawks. Every Seahawk team, I hope they win."