Coding Dojo, a Bellevue-based developer boot camp, is expected to teach 1,500 developers how to code Amazon Alexa Skills by the end of the year. Alexa is the voice-controlled assistant that powers Amazon Echo and Tap devices.

Amazon reached out to Coding Dojo for the collaboration as technology evolves from text to conversational artificial intelligence. The two companies partnered to create the curriculum for about 30 free, one-day workshops across the country.

"It really does point to the growth of voice-user interface and how much that user interaction with technology is changing," said Donovan An, a lead instructor for Coding Dojo. "Alexa has done such an amazing job that it's really pretty simple to fully develop these applications and get them deployed to your Alexa devices."

Amazon currently has roughly 13,000 skills available. The workshop also helps developers get their skills published in the Skills store.

Coding Dojo has schools based in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C. The next workshop in Bellevue is August 5.