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'Party in SODO': Businesses feeling the excitement from Seattle Mariners fans

Tony T's general manager told KING 5 it felt like the universe aligned to open a restaurant across the street from T-Mobile Park as the Mariners gain steam.

SEATTLE — The feeling of a new era for the Seattle Mariners is the start of something great for Tony T's Sports Lounge.

"The core of this team is so young,” said Brian Youngs, general manager of Tony T’s. The Lounge has been open at the prime location across the street from T-Mobile park for a little more than a month, just as the Mariners pick up steam.

"I would like to think cosmically that we're helping each other out. We're helping them out, they're helping us out and it's just going to be a party in SODO either way,” said Youngs.

Youngs isn't from Seattle, he lived in New York 20 years ago.

"I've followed the Mariners all my life because, growing up when I grew up, it was Ken Griffey Junior! It was all about the kid!” he said.

The excitement from two decades ago is palpable now.

"You can just feel energy. I mean it's just... I have never seen so many excited Mariners fans in my entire time in this city. This is to me what it probably felt like in 2001, with all that hype,” said Youngs.

It feels like the universe aligning, according to Youngs, that for the first time in 20 years, Mariners hype is bigger than ever bringing in more fans, which translates to more customers for the new business.

“It’ll be probably off the hook, in the best way… you know, line around the block, maybe twice. I’m looking forward to a Mardi Gras style party in SODO if the end of Sunday comes around and the Mariners are in the playoffs," said Youngs.

"I have so many friends that are lifelong Northwesterners that are just like, 'well I remember when… but this is way different, this is awesome.' And I'm looking forward to this kind of being that start of something great,” he said.

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