Still a few weeks shy from his 7th birthday, Roman McConn has already made quite an impact on the world.

"He's accomplished more in his almost seven years than some people accomplish in their whole lives," said his mom Jennifer.

When he was just 4 and living in Texas, Roman realized animal shelters there often killed dogs that weren't adopted.

He started making Facebook videos pleading for help to find them homes. Those posts were so adorable, people from all over responded.

When the family moved to Washington state, Roman inspired his mom to start "Project Freedom Ride," which brings dogs from Texas to the Northwest.

"It's high-kill shelters down there, and we want to bring them up here so they can go to other rescues up here and also go to homes," said Roman.

A parade of 73 sweet, furry faces arrived in Everett on Thursday.

Some went to rescues while others went straight to families.

The Sanders family of Mount Vernon adopted two dogs, including Miley. Skinny and skittish, she only has three legs, but with her new family, she is safe.

"She is just wonderful," said Trista Sanders. "We love her already."

Roman's videos have helped rescue more than 1,100 dogs in just two years. One of them is "Tank," who made Liam Pemquite's 9th birthday the best one ever.

"I think what Roman is doing is just amazing," said Liam.

Roman's family is now moving to Georgia. They plan to continue their work there, taking dogs from high-kill shelters in that state and sending them to rescues in the Northeast.

For more information on adopting these dogs, visit Project Freedom Ride's Facebook page.

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