The Washington State Patrol will have more help sniffing out crime, thanks to six recent recruits. A group of narcotic-detecting K9s graduated in Olympia Wednesday.

The dogs are the 25th graduating class of the Serious Highway Criminal Apprehension Team.

The K9s and their handlers underwent 220 hours of specialized training to join the ranks. After 10 weeks, they were ready to get to work.

The Washington State Patrol blog posted, "The WSP considers these K9s family, but also as respected officers. So much so that they receive their own commission card and badge."

WSP has one of the largest non-federal K9 programs in the country. Here's the list of the K9 graduates and their handlers, provided by WSP:

25th SHCAT K-9 Graduating Class:

• Trooper Jermaine Walker and K-9 Cable, WSP District 1

• Trooper Patrick Williams and K-9 Bo, WSP District 2

• Trooper Justin Schaffer and K-9 Frankie, WSP District 5

• Trooper Ben Bryan and K-9 Kyha, WSP District 8

• Sergeant Keith Cooper and K-9 Ginger, Whitman County Sheriff's Office

• Detective Natalie Mounts and K-9 Ginger, Auburn Police Department