Seattle head tax repealed

The Seattle City Council voted to repeal the controversial employee head tax without an alternative plan to help the city's homeless residents. The tax unanimously passed less than a month before the repeal.

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Dangerous wildfire season

Officials are predicting a dangerous wildfire season on both sides of Washington state. A wildfire in Grant County forced evacuations and burned around 2,000 acres this week.

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2026 FIFA World Cup

Seattle is one step closer to hosting a FIFA World Cup game after the U.S., Canada, and Mexico won a three-way bid to host the tournament.

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Rattlesnake Ridge landslide

New drone video shows the progress of the slow-moving landslide on Rattlesnake Ridge in Yakima. The landslide currently spans 20 acres and is moving around 1.5 feet per week.

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Rare clouds over Puget Sound

An unusual phenomenon appeared over Puget Sound early Tuesday morning. Noctilucent clouds only occur around local summer and are the highest clouds in the earth's atmosphere.

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