Worst air quality of the year

Western Washington reached its worst air quality of the year with most monitoring sites showing levels that are “unhealthy for everyone.” The air quality is expected to improve later this week.

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Stolen plane narrowly missed family

A family that just bought a cabin on Ketron Island was relaxing there Friday when a stolen airplane from Sea-Tac Airport crashed close to their property. Investigators told Steve Scheurich the plane would’ve hit his cabin if it was in the air for “maybe another second, second-and-a-half.”

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A Monroe couple was shocked to find a rare species of ribbon fish on a beach near Deception Pass. The six-foot-long fish, commonly called the “King-of-the-Salmon,” usually lives in the ocean at depths of 3,000 to 4,000 feet.

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Convention Center groundbreaking

Renovations have begun on the Washington State Convention Center, one of several city projects having a long-term impact on traffic. The $1.7 billion project is scheduled to be completed in 2021 and will expand the center to more than a million square feet.

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A boy and his chicken

A Redmond mom says a pet chicken helped doctors diagnose her son with a rare genetic disease. Kristin Jarvis Adams says her son with autism didn’t speak much until he started communicating what was wrong through his pet chicken.

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