Construction worker dies at Bellevue light rail site

A worker died after falling about 40 feet at a Sound Transit construction site early Tuesday morning. The man was working on the on the light rail extension near State Route 520 and 148th Street in Bellevue.

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“We don't have a head tax”

Pierce County is responding to Seattle’s employee head tax with an offer to attract businesses: a $275 credit for each family-wage job companies create in the county. The offer equals the $275 per employee tax Seattle is imposing on high-revenue companies.

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“He's got some pretty serious lacerations”

911 calls released from the deadly cougar attack near North Bend paint a picture of panic and confusion. The survivor of the attack tried to call 911 twice, but the calls were dropped due to poor cell phone service.

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Epic animal battle caught on video

A bald eagle tried stealing a rabbit from a young red fox at San Juan Island National Historical Park, and it was all caught on video. The battle lasted less than eight seconds but the photographer says, “the scene was even more dramatic than I expected.”

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“Thanks for smiling”

An anonymous customer surprised a server in Lewis County with a generous $3,000 tip. Michelle Bozeman has been a server for more than 20 years and couldn't believe the tip was real.

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