Human remains, black box recovered from plane wreckage

The FBI recovered human remains and the flight data recorder from the wreckage of a stolen plane from Sea-Tac Airport. Richard Russell flew the plane for more than an hour before crashing on a small island in Pierce County. Airport officials will meet on Monday to discuss security and what will happen next.

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How did he do it?

Richard Russell didn't have to go far when he stole a plane from Sea-Tac Airport on Friday. The airport employee was able to tow the Q400 out of a cargo area and redirect it using a tractor.

How a former investigator says he could get away with it:

Grieving orca

A Southern Resident orca has let go of her dead calf after clinging to it for at least 17 days. Researchers say J-35 “looks vigorous and healthy” after carrying her calf over 1,000 miles.

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Housing market slowdown

Seattle’s housing market is slowing down with some home prices dropping by more than $100,000. A real estate expert says the price drops are more of a market correction than a bursting bubble. Seattle is the fourth hottest housing market in the country.

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Saving The Showbox music venue

More than 175 artists signed a letter urging Seattle to designate The Showbox music venue as a part of the Pike Place Historic District. A Vancouver, B.C. based developer plans to demolish the site to build an apartment building.

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