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5 things to know Tuesday

Traffic stop bill; 747 set to take off for last time; 737 Max assembly lines; Energy rates; Melting glacier.
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Bill aimed at changing traffic stops intended to reduce fatalities, increase racial equity

A bill aimed at reducing inequity in traffic stops and increasing safety on the road had a hearing in committee on Monday. 

House Bill 1513, also called Traffic Safety For All, would reprioritize the types of stops officers make to focus on safety issues such as DUIs, distracted driving, and speeding.

Proponents said this change would help increase safety. Research from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission found that fatalities increase when officers give fewer citations for safety-related issues.

The bill said a police officer may not stop a driver for a non-moving violation such as expired tabs, a misdemeanor warrant, or equipment failure unless it presents an immediate safety threat on the road. In addition to increasing safety on the roads, this would combat racial inequities, the Washington Coalition for Police Accountability said. Read more

Boeing's 747, known as the 'Queen of the Sky,' set to take off for final time

It took its first flight here in western Washington more than 50 years ago. 

Now the last Boeing 747-8 freighter, painted and ready to officially take flight, will be delivered to Atlas Air on Tuesday and take flight Wednesday.

“Sad isn’t quite the right word," said artist Jeff Barlow, who has been sketching the last 747 for Boeing as it prepares for delivery. "Because, you know, I think part of the magic is that it's finite."

Boeing told KING 5 the 777 is taking the place of the 747. More than 1,500 747’s were produced. Read more

Boeing will open new assembly line to build 737 Max planes

Boeing will add a fourth assembly line to produce more 737 Max aircraft, as it tries to quickly translate a backlog of orders into cash-generating deliveries of new planes.

The new line will open in the second half of next year, according to a note Monday to employees from Stan Deal, the CEO of Boeing's commercial-planes business.

The line will be in an existing facility in Everett, Washington, where space is available because Boeing is shifting production of larger 787s to South Carolina and ending production of the iconic 747. Read more

Cold reality: Energy rates rise as temperatures fall

Puget Sound Energy rates jumped by nearly 9% this year while natural gas costs skyrocketed by around 23%.

An early and exceptionally cold winter is giving people sticker shock when they go to pay their bills.

The war in Ukraine along with less natural gas production and increased demand is driving prices higher. Read more

Hinman Glacier, largest between Mount Rainier and Glacier Peak, melts away

The largest glacier between Mount Rainier and Glacier Peak has almost completely melted away.

Hinman Glacier, which sits on the Cascade Mountains spine between Snoqualmie and Stevens passes, shrunk to just 0.04 square kilometers in 2022, according to glaciologist Mauri Pelto. This is just 4% of its 1958 size.

Climate change factors, including warmer summers and winters and more rain events in winter, contributed to Hinman’s disappearance. Read more

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