Car tab measure remains on hold

The Washington State Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a voter-approved $30 car tab measure will remain on hold while a legal fight over the initiative’s constitutionality plays out.

The Washington State Attorney General's Office filed an emergency motion on Monday saying Washington voters’ wishes were being “stymied” by a King County judge’s decision to stop Initiative 976 from taking effect.

The state’s budget office estimates I-976 would eliminate more than $4 billion in tax revenue by 2025. $30 car tabs would have gone into effect on December 5 if the measure was not challenged.

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‘Norovirus-like’ outbreak in Seattle

The King County Public Health Department is investigating Brave Horse Tavern after dozens of people reported getting sick with a “norovirus-like illness” after visiting the tavern.

A total of 43 people reported getting sick, including 30 people who had food and drinks at the tavern on November 23 and 24. Eleven employees and two of their household members also reported getting sick.

Norovirus symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, body aches, chills, and fever, according to the health department. 

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Paying off school meal debt 

The Tacoma Public Schools board approved a $151,000 grant to help pay off an increasing balance of student lunch debt. The grant was provided by the Ruth Foundation.

The school district estimated in October that the amount of meal debt associated with current students was over $180,000. 

Former Seahawk Richard Sherman also paid off $20,000 of lunch debt for Tacoma students earlier this week.

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1st Native American on the Washington Supreme Court 

Washington Governor Jay Inslee appointed the first Native American to the Washington Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Whatcom County Superior Court Judge Raquel Montoya-Lewis was appointed to fill the final year of Chief Justice Mary Fairhurst’s term.

Fairhurst is retiring in January. Justice Debra Stephens was elected by her fellow members of the court to take that top spot.

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Alderwood Mall is thriving

As malls across the country are closing, there is one mall in Lynnwood that is doing just the opposite. Now in its 40th year, Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood appears to be in its prime.

The mall built an upscale outdoor shopping village a few years ago that attracted new customers, and when the Sears store went out of business and was torn down this year, plans were immediately made to add an additional 100,000-square-feet of retail space and 350 apartments.     

By 2024, shoppers will be able to get to the mall via light rail from downtown Seattle in under 30 minutes.

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