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5 things to know this weekend

Idaho abortion bill impact; Allergies in the PNW; Maury Island human trafficking; Fatal crash settlement; Snowboarder rescue


How Idaho abortion bill could impact Washington

Washingtonians are watching to see whether Idaho House Bill 242 is signed into law -- and what legal implications it could have across state lines.

Idaho House Bill 242, if signed by ID Governor Brad Little, would make it a crime to facilitate a minor getting an abortion in another state without parental consent. The bill says it creates what sponsors call the "crime of abortion trafficking," and adds the power "to authorize the Attorney General to prosecute" for what could lead to two to five years in prison.

If the bill is signed into law, Planned Parenthood Northwest expects to contest the measure.

Leah Rutman, Health Care and Liberty Counsel for the ACLU of Washington says what is now a patchwork of laws across different states creates "unnecessary uncertainty across the country" about how people can and can't assist people seeking abortions. Read more

What's in the western Washington air causing your allergies right now?

Spring is in the air, and so is that pesky pollen. Hay fever is not unique to the northwest, but how is allergy season in the Pacific Northwest unique, and how's it shaping up so far?

KING 5 went to allergy specialists at UW Medicine for some insight and to explore whether warmer temperatures are contributing to a more severe season.

Right now in the Seattle area, tree pollen from birch and cottonwood trees, peaks in March and April.

Later in the season in May and June is when grass pollen becomes a bigger issue. Read more

Maury Island resident indicted for human trafficking

A 44-year-old Maury Island resident faces 10 federal felony charges related to human trafficking in the form of forced labor. 

Jesus Ruiz-Hernandez was originally indicted in November 2022 for transporting, harboring and bringing in an undocumented worker for financial gain. The superseding indictment, which was returned this week, had seven additional charges.

“Undocumented people are particularly vulnerable to forced labor schemes because they believe they do not have the same basic rights as U.S. citizens,” said U.S. Attorney Nick Brown. 

In the spring of 2017, Ruiz-Hernandez allegedly used force, threats of force and physical violence to force an adult to work for him. According to the indictment, the victim also suffered aggravated sexual abuse. Read more

Family of man killed in motorcycle crash settles with City of Seattle for $6.5 million

The City of Seattle has settled a lawsuit with the family of a 22-year-old man who was killed while riding his motorcycle in a "notoriously dangerous" intersection in the city.

The $6.5 million settlement was reached between the city and the family of Jackson Reavis. According to the suit, on a Monday evening in June 2019, Reavis was riding his motorcycle through the intersection of 35th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 75th Street in Seattle’s Wedgwood neighborhood. 

Reavis had the right-of-way and was driving through the intersection when the driver of a pickup truck fatally hit him while turning left on a solid green light against oncoming traffic. Read more

Skier rescues snowboarder buried in snow on Mt. Baker

A heart-pounding rescue was caught on camera when a skier spotted a snowboarder buried under 6 feet of snow on Mt. Baker earlier this month.

Francis Zuber said he was sidecountry skiing on Mt. Baker with a friend on March 3 when he caught sight of a snowboard sticking out from a tree well.

In a GoPro video captured by Zuber, Zuber can be seen quickly springing into action and digging the snowboarder out.

"When I saw that there was a snowboard upside down and it was wiggling back and forth, you know, that's when I knew. I shot up to him, no response, okay, this guy needs to be rescued right now. I don't know how long he's been there for, no one else is coming most likely, I need to get to him right now," said Zuber. Read more

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