Bellingham family outraged 

A Bellingham family took the first step toward suing Bellingham Public Schools for allegedly violating their 11-year-old child's civil rights, including his right to be free from discrimination and retaliation.

The legal forms were sent to the district on Oct. 2, two weeks after Whatcom Middle School in Bellingham tried to move Lucas Goodwin, a sixth grader with autism, into a bathroom to serve as his place to learn. 

Lucas's mother requested earlier in the school year a quiet space for her son to work for a portion of his school day to cut down on distractions, but she never expected a bathroom would be the school's solution.

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Seattle police captain arrested

Seattle Police Captain Randal Woolery, 53, was arrested Wednesday night on suspicion of sexual exploitation. The 31-year veteran of the department was placed on administrative leave after his arrest.

SPD said Woolery was arrested during an undercover vice operation in north Seattle. Vice squads deal with the enforcement of laws concerning gambling, prostitution, pornography and illegal use of liquor and narcotics. 

Woolery has not yet been charged, but he has been notified by the court that charges are pending.

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Neo-Nazis from Washington arrested

Local authorities and the FBI in northern Texas are investigating after two neo-Nazis from Washington state were stopped in a car with assault-style rifles and up to 2,000 rounds of ammunition.

Kaleb Cole was behind the wheel of a speeding Ford Focus on Nov. 4, when he was pulled over. Cole is barred from possessing firearms. His passenger, Aiden Bruce-Umbaugh, claimed the firearms and drugs were his. The two were taken into custody but it's unclear what charges they could face in Texas.

The two are both members of Atomwaffen, a violent extremist group. Cole was recently exposed in a series of KING 5 Investigators stories about the group. 

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Makah Tribe wants to hunt gray whales

Twenty years ago, the Makah Indian Tribe hunted and killed a gray whale, touching off both pride and protest around the world. The tribe is attempting to do it again.

Over the next several days, lawyers for the Makah Tribe will try to convince a judge in Seattle that they should be able to resume their hunt of gray whales, while animal rights activists will work to convince him otherwise.

Thursday was the first day of testimony that is expected to stretch into next week.

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9 quakes hit Puget Sound region in less than a week 

The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network recorded nine small earthquakes from south Camano Island to north of Fall City in the last few days. 

The Camano quake was recorded as a 2.2, one north of Carnation was recorded at 2.6, and one north of Fall City was a 3.2, which many people felt. Those areas saw clusters of quakes ranging from small magnitude quakes to another Fall City quake of 2.3.

Experts warned about reading too much into the quakes, as there are thousands of small quakes in western Washington each year, most are too small to be felt.

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