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5 essential items to keep in your car this winter

Here are 5 essential items to keep in your vehicle this season, in case of emergency.

Weather conditions can change in an instant around the Pacific Northwest. In case you're stuck on the road during inclement weather, make sure you're prepared with the following essentials in your vehicle:

First Aid Kit 

The American Red Cross has tips for creating your own first aid kit.

Water & snacks 

Keep at least a gallon of water in your trunk, along with non-perishable food items. Distilled water can be used for drinking or to cool your car if it overheats.

Jumper cables 

It's always a good idea to keep jumper cables in your vehicle, in case your battery dies or you're able to help another motorist. Here's how to safely use them.

Flares & flashlight 

Flares can be a lifesaver to warn other drivers if your vehicle is disabled, or if you need to flag down help. Keep a flashlight in your glove box and be sure to check periodically that the batteries are working.


Store an emergency blanket in a dry place in your vehicle, especially during the fall and winter. Storing an extra set of socks and gloves could also help keep you warm and dry during an emergency.

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Bonus tips: The best thing you can keep in your car is a full tank of gas and awareness. If your vehicle gets stuck in the elements, stay inside until you've determined it's safe to leave. Never assume another driver will see you, especially in the dark.

If you travel with children, it's also a smart idea to keep non-electronic games handy. The most important thing is to keep kids warm, dry, and fed, but a distraction can help pass the time until aid arrives. If your car has a port for cell phone charging, leave a spare charger in the vehicle in case of emergencies.

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