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4th investigation launched into misconduct by Snohomish County prosecutors

A fourth investigation has been launched by the Chelan County Sheriff's Office into alleged misconduct of prosecutors attending a three-day legal seminar at Campbell's Resort.

Authorities confirm they are investigating yet another criminal complaint filed after a group of Snohomish County prosecutors attended a legal conference at a Chelan resort last month.

The complaint, filed by a Snohomish County juvenile court employee, is the fourth investigation launched by the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office into alleged misconduct of prosecutors attending a three-day legal seminar at Campbell’s Resort.

“This was a different incident that occurred on the same night” as the previously reported allegations, said Chelan County Sheriff’s Chief of Special Operations Jason Reinfeld.

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Chief Rinefeld said a woman filed a report with the sheriff’s office on Monday, but that a detective has not yet had a chance to meet with her and conduct an interview.

Rinefeld declined to characterize the nature of the complaint.

However, sources with knowledge of the investigation say the woman complained that she was photographed topless by a deputy Snohomish County prosecutor in a motel room after the legal seminar had ended. The woman was attending a party where several prosecuting attorneys were present.

The woman is the same one who was arrested later that evening for boating under the influence on Lake Chelan.

Her boyfriend, deputy Snohomish County prosecutor Chris Dickinson, was arrested a few hours later for driving under the influence. Sheriff’s deputies say Dickinson was drunk when he arrived to pick his girlfriend up from the county jail.

The third investigation from that same night was initiated after a female Snohomish County deputy prosecutor said Dickinson drunkenly groped her during the earlier party.

The last complaint, filed by Dickinson’s girlfriend on Monday, is the fourth one now under investigation.

In an interview last week, Snohomish County elected prosecutor Mark Roe said his deputy prosecutor took the motel room photo to document the drunken conduct of Dickinson and his girlfriend during the seminar after-party.

Roe said the photo was misguided and he reprimanded the young deputy prosecutor. The prosecutor who took the photo isn’t being named because he has not been charged with a crime.

He fired Dickinson, a 29-year employee of the prosecutor’s office.

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