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2nd woman comes forward in Federal Way High School sex tape scandal

A second woman has come forward accusing a former star basketball player from the Federal Way High School's 2016 championship team of recording her during intimate acts without her permission.

A second young woman is accusing a former Federal Way High School basketball star of recording her during an intimate moment without her knowledge or consent.

Prosecutors are now considering felony voyeurism charges against the former Eagles player. The team's coach is already on paid administrative leave for his possible involvement in the case.

"In 2016 I was a senior, and the other person was senior, and it was my 18th birthday," said Gwen Gabert. "And we were in my car doing things that you would only share with an intimate partner."

Gabert, now 20, said the boy she was with was a star player on the Eagles state championship basketball team. She claims he secretly recorded her, without her permission, and shared the video with his teammates.

"I started getting other texts from guys, not nice texts, saying I was a slut, saying I was a whore, saying 'Why don't you do this to me?'" said Gabert.

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She eventually went to the police in April of 2016, but the Federal Way Police Department was forced to close the case months later because the detective couldn't find probable cause.

"In the case, they needed two guys to come forward and say that they saw the video, and nobody wanted to because they didn't want to ruin his potential and I didn't have anyone there for me," said Gabert. "Nobody understood. Nobody talked to me about it."

Gabert spiraled downward into depression. In April of 2017, she attempted suicide and went through a year of counseling.

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"I wear long sleeves everywhere I go because I don't want people to know," she said.

But Gabert soon learned she wasn't alone in her despair.

Last month, another young woman, Tally Thomas, leveled a similar accusation at the same individual. Gabert saw the interview on T.V.

"I remember calling my mom and saying, 'Mom this is not a coincidence,'" said Gabert. "This is impacting. It just hurt her the same way it hurt me. And it almost cost us both of our lives because no one wanted to stand up for us. No one wanted to protect the girls. They all cared about the athlete, the male athlete, and his career."

Now, witnesses who wouldn't talk before are cooperating with police. As prosecutors decide on charges, Gabert hopes her story sends a message.

"Show other athletes it's not okay. Show other boys not to do this. Show other girls they matter, and they can speak up if this happens," Gabert said.

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The FWPD recommended felony voyeurism charges against the young man for both Gabert and Thomas' cases.

Thomas claimed when it happened to her, she turned to the Eagles' coach, Jerome Collins, for help. She accuses him of failing to report it to authorities as required by law.

Collins is on paid administrative leave as the 2018 varsity team starts practice this week.