FEDERAL WAY, Wash. — Two Federal Way officers are out of the hospital and recovering after they were shot while responding to a dispute call overnight that left one suspect dead.

The shooting occurred just after midnight outside an apartment complex off 14th Avenue South.

Both the officers are home and expected to make a full recovery. 

In total, seven officers are on paid administrative leave after the shootout. Several rounds were fired and the chief says it’s amazing that none officers were killed.

Daylight revels the aftermath of the shootout between the police and the 23-year-old suspect. Neighbors who didn’t see it, heard it.

“I heard far away from here, I live nearby here. I heard the sound ‘pa, pa, pa, pa, pa’ like that. I thought it was fireworks,” said neighbor Kyong Kim.

“It was a mess, it was like a war zone down here,” added resident Sheri Fiefia.

According to Federal way police, a resident inside an apartment complex called 911 to report a fight between a man and a woman. When police arrived, they found a man and woman inside of a car – they say the man had a gun and he wasn’t cooperating. A gunfight ensued.

A 38-year-old officer was shot in the leg. A 30-year-old officer was hit in the arm and in the chest.

“The ballistic vest undoubtedly saved his life,” said Federal Way Police Chief Andy Hwang.

The suspect was killed and the female inside the car took off on foot. Police are still looking for her.

“I mean, I was crying and everything because I have my granddaughter upstairs and they were not about to let me in,” Fiefia said.

Police aren’t saying how many rounds were fired or who fired first.

But they are saying there are two officers who are very lucky to already be out of the hospital.

“I just couldn’t tell you how grateful I am because - in terms of life and death - we’re talking about inches,” Hwang said.