A 15-year-old is in the hospital after a shooting on West Casino Road in Everett. It happened just before 8 p.m. on Monday.

Several 911 calls brought police officers to the scene, where they found the victim injured and laying on the sidewalk.

Neighbors say they heard three to four gunshots.

Everett Police said the victim was rushed to the hospital and was in serious condition at last check. So far, detectives have very little information about the suspect.

Investigators spent several hours on the scene on West Casino Road, talking to witnesses and processing evidence. They say reports have come in that it was a drive-by shooting, but they've also gotten reports that it started as a verbal argument that escalated and quickly turned violent.

Neither theory had been confirmed on Monday evening, as police continued to search for the shooter or shooters. They asked anyone with information about what happened to contact Everett Police.

Detectives hoped to review surveillance video from a nearby gas station in search of additional leads.

In the meantime, neighbors say the violence hits far too close to home.

"We were just fearful for our family, in case another incident like this happens," said one neighbor. "For them to be running around with a gun, especially if they haven't been caught, who knows if they might come back and do it again, and we might be caught in the crossfire."