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Lake Stevens family on a mission to bring firewood to those who need it most

A Lake Stevens dad and his twin sons are chopping all the firewood they can find to help heat homes in their community - and warm hearts across the world.

A father and his twin sons are on a wood-chopping mission to help heat homes in their community. 

Shane McDaniel owns Norm's Market, located at 10027 Lundeen Park Way in Lake Stevens, and is using it as a staging area for collecting wood and organizing volunteers to help find and process it. 

In March, Shane and his sons Harrison and Henry were chopping damaged wood around their property left over from a storm. They had a lot and decided that it could be used to help those in need. 

Throughout the summer and into the fall, they recruited volunteers to help them on their mission. They delivered more than 80 truckfuls of wood to their neighbors and those in surrounding communities. 

Now, the trio plans on organizing work parties from the parking lot of Norm's every other weekend until October so they can deliver more wood to more people. 

"Just about all year long we're going to collect hundreds of cords of fire woods and these piles are going to be so big, you'll see them around the world," said Shane. 

That's no exaggeration either. The McDaniels' story has been picked up by local newspapers as well as the Wall Street Journal and People Magazine. They even appeared in a newspaper in India. 

"It's amazing to see because a lot of people out there don't believe that good exists, and we're showing that it still does," said Henry. 

If you'd like to help Shane and his boys out, or if you would like to request help, he asks that you send him a private message on his Facebook page

You could also visit Norm's and leave a message with the folks there: 425-334-4646.   

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