Newly released video reveals the conduct of two Snohomish County court employees this summer, including a senior deputy prosecutor who was fired after a drunken night in Chelan.

The Chelan County Sheriff’s dash cam video shows a deputy squaring off against prosecutor Christopher Dickinson.

“Sir, I need you to stop. I need you to stop,” a deputy said to Dickinson in the video that was recorded in the early morning hours of June 21.

“I’m her (expletive) lawyer,” Dickinson responded. “I’m giving her legal advice.”

The video shows Dickinson trying to intervene as deputies arrest Dickinson’s girlfriend, Leigh Kellogg, who is a probation counselor for the Snohomish County juvenile court.

The arrest capped a night of drinking that followed a legal conference in Chelan that was attended by several Snohomish County deputy prosecutors.

Hours earlier, Kellogg was photographed topless and passed out at a party in one of the prosecutor’s motel rooms. Several other prosecutors can be seen in the photo milling around.

The party and the arrests resulted in four investigations by the Sheriff’s department, including a complaint that Kellogg later filed for not consenting to the topless photo. Two weeks ago, the Chelan County prosecutor declined to file a charge in that case. The prosecutor who took the photo said he was only trying to document the couple’s bad behavior at the party.

Kellogg was arrested, because she was found drunk behind the wheel of a boat later in the evening. She pleaded guilty to reckless operation of the vessel earlier this month and paid a $500 fine.

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In the video, which was released following a public records request from KING 5, Kellogg can be seen almost falling over as the deputy asks her to walk a straight line.

“I’m worried you’re going to fall,” the deputy said, as Kellogg started crying.

The video shows Dickinson commanding Kellogg not to talk to the deputies.

“Listen to me. No. Stop,” Dickinson said.

“He claimed to be the prosecutor for Snohomish County,” one of the deputies said in a later phone conversation with his police supervisor.

Dickinson was arrested for DUI when he arrived at the county jail to bail out his girlfriend.

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