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Need help? Local resources for sex trafficking victims, prostitution survivors

The national hotline for human trafficking victims is 888-373-7888.
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The following groups provide services to victims and survivors of sex trafficking and prostitution in Washington.

The national hotline for human trafficking victims is 888-373-7888. Call this number to report a tip or to request help if you are a victim.

The Organization For Prostitution Survivors (OPS) provides a wide-range of services to help survivors of prostitution get back on their feet. This includes community meals, chemical dependency counseling, housing resources and several support groups. In addition to drop-in hours three days per week, the Seattle-based group offers a 24-hour helpline at 206-853-6243. The organization also offers a 10-week class for men who want to stop buying sex.

The Washington Anti-Trafficking Response Network is a coalition of organizations in Washington that provide direct assistance to victims of trafficking. The group's victim assistance line is 206-245-0782.

YouthCare's Bridge Continuum helps youth and young adults (ages 12-24) who have experienced (or are at risk of experiencing) sexual exploitation. The Seattle-based group's specialized services include case management, emergency shelter, long-term housing, education and employment training and access to mental health and chemical dependency counseling. To reach a community advocate for 24/7 referral and services, call 855-400-2732 (CSEC) or email communityadvocate@youthcare.org.

Real Escape From The Sex Trade (REST) offers specialized case-management, mentorship and long-term residential housing (ages 18-24) for people who were exploited for commercial sex. The Seattle-based group also staffs a 24-hour hotline for people who are involved in the sex trade at 206-451-7378.

The Hope House offers a long-term aftercare program for survivors of sexual exploitation in Seattle. Women in the program receive long-term shelter, life skills, counseling and community support. For more information, call 206-486-2886.

API Chaya provides support to people who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, forced marriage and/or human trafficking. For help, call the group's helpline at 206-325-0325 and ask to speak to an advocate.

Yes to Hope! is a Tacoma-based group refers sexually exploited youth and young adults to a community advocate who provides case management, resources, and referrals for medical, legal, therapeutic and social services across Pierce County. Call the Yes to Hope! hotline at 253-444-5351 or contact the community advocate by e-mail at YEStoHope@hopesacpc.org.

Kent Youth & Family Services serves survivors, ages 12 to 25, with current or past residency in Kent. The group provides behavioral health services, intensive case management, and supportive services. Contact 206-579-3868 or kyrad@kyfs.org.

Esteem Outreach is a Tacoma-based group that offers support to prostitution survivors and people who are trying to make their way out of the sex industry. The group provides mentorship, counseling, job training, in addition to sexual abuse recovery, substance abuse recovery and other forms of support. Contact 253-756-5300.

King County Sexual Assault Resource Center is a victim-advocacy organization that provides critical support, tools and direct services to children, teens, women and men who are victims of sexual assault. To talk with someone immediately, call the 24-hour resource line at 888-998-6423.

This story is affiliated with "Selling Girls," a nine-month nationwide investigation into sex trafficking. TEGNA, our parent company, launched the project at each of our 46 stations across the country to help hundreds of thousands of American kids who are lured into a life they didn't choose. To watch the six-part series and to follow KING 5's ongoing local coverage of sex trafficking in Washington state, click this link.