Why don't sex trafficking victims walk away when they're exploited and abused? How can you help stop the cycle of abuse?

KING 5's Taylor Mirfendereski and Mark Wright ask those questions and more in this conversation on sex trafficking with Jennifer Tucker, a prostitution survivor; Allison Jurkovich, director of advocacy services for the Organization for Prostitution Survivors and Emily Glassert, a clinical therapist at the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center.

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If You Need Help

The national hotline for human trafficking victims is 888-373-7888. Call this number to report a tip or to request services. Call or text the Seattle-based Organization for Prostitution Survivors 24-hour hotline at 206-853-6243.

We've also compiled a list of Washington groups that provide support to prostitution survivors and sex trafficking victims as they recover from their experiences.

About This Story

This story is affiliated with Selling Girls, a nine-month nationwide investigation into sex trafficking. TEGNA, our parent company, launched the project at each of our 46 stations across the country to help hundreds of thousands of American kids who are lured into a life they didn't choose. To watch the six-part series and to follow KING 5's ongoing local coverage of sex trafficking in Washington state, click this link.