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Husband pulls off epic surprise wedding vow renewal

A husband pulled off an epic vow renewal ceremony for his wife on their five-year anniversary.
(Photo: Sean and Kaylene Antonius)

Sean and Kaylene Antonius got married in Las Vegas five years ago without their family and friends. This year, Sean decided to surprise his wife with a vow renewal with all of their family and friends. How did he pull it off?

KING 5: How did you come up with the idea for the big surprise?

Sean: I have no idea! LOL… In my mind I always knew I wanted to do a “re-wedding” reception, because we went to Vegas and had very few people with us. We didn’t even bring our kids! We are blended, so each of us had two kids when we got married, so four total at the time. I was thinking we would plan some sort of party for our five-year anniversary, but then thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could surprise her with the party?” Then, it turned into, “What if I did an entire WEDDING as a surprise?”

Then the planning — begging — pulling off something with over 100 people attending (and that costs this much without her knowing about it), and also getting her to a wedding venue, in a wedding dress, on our actual anniversary without her knowing about it… was NOT easy. But that moment I pictured in my head of her coming around the corner was totally worth it.

KING 5: What tips can you give our viewers if they want to pull off a big surprise like you?

Sean: I guess have a few trustworthy friends who are willing to help. There’s no way this would’ve worked without the help of all the amazing vendor friends I recruited to pull off this crazy idea, as well as my awesome mom who shopped all the kids’ clothes for me leading up it. All the kids’ clothes, suits, shoes, etc. we all stored at her house, and she got all the kids dressed, ready, and to the venue.

Also, having a secret bank account helps.

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