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Planned Parenthood Northwest reports more men getting vasectomies since Supreme Court overturned Roe

Planned Parenthood Northwest reports a 34% increase in patients getting vasectomies following the overturning of Roe v Wade.

SEATTLE — It’s been nearly six months since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade ending the federal right to an abortion. Since then, more men decided it was time to take action with increased vasectomy procedures.

“Half the country lost their rights,” said Evan, who got a vasectomy in July.

Evan knew children weren’t in his future and vasectomy was a procedure he considered, but the fall of Roe expedited the decision.

“Just thinking about all of my friends this is going to affect made me want to do something,” said Evan.

He’s not the only one, Planned Parenthood Northwest said there has been a 34% increase in men getting vasectomies since Roe was overturned.

“Pregnancy requires two people and it's not fair that the burden falls on one person because they're the ones that can get pregnant,” Evan said.

More than a dozen states now ban abortions and Dr. Grace, with Planned Parenthood said it sparked a shared contraceptive responsibility, with one patient even describing the procedure as “an act of love.”

“I had another patient say they felt their partners' rights were being taken away and getting a vasectomy is the least they could do,” said Grace, director of vasectomy services with Planned Parenthood.

The procedure has been around for decades and Dr. Grace wasn't shocked by the recent spike.

“Men are interested in learning about contraception and learning about a vasectomy. I think the change in our political climate brought ideas and motivations that were there but to the surface,” Grace said.

For the actual procedure, Dr. Grace said it is simple, safe, and 99.8% effective. The procedure is covered at no cost for patients in Washington state.

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