A North Bend teen has missed more classes than he’s attended this fall because of a severe peanut allergy.

Logan Gonzalez, 15, has had three allergy attacks at Mount Si High School this school year, and now his parents are questioning if the district should do more to keep their son safe.

“I don't feel like he's being protected,” said Judy Gonzalez, Logan’s mom.

Gonzalez says the allergic reactions happened after other kids brought peanut products near her son, including in the classroom and at his lunch table, which is supposed to be peanut-free. Just being around someone who has eaten peanut butter hours earlier is enough to set off a dangerous reaction.

“My arms get really itchy, it's kind of hard to talk, it's like I have mashed potatoes in my mouth,” Logan explained. Without immediate medical treatment, including an Epi-Pen and steroid injections, the allergic reactions could be fatal.

“The other day he told me he didn't want to die, that's something that no parent should ever have to hear,” Gonzalez said.

Judy Gonzalez says the district has been at times helpful and understanding about her son's condition, but she says they should prohibit food in classrooms and do a better job of informing others about her son’s condition.

The Snoqualmie Valley School District would not talk about specific students, but says Mount Si High School recently sent a letter home to families, notifying them of multiple students who have peanut allergies, and asking other families to avoid sending kids to school with any peanut products.

The district says peanut-free areas are clearly marked with signs, and the school store has stopped selling any peanut products. The Mount Si. H.S. kitchen is also peanut-free, a district spokesperson said.

School staff regularly wipe down any surfaces that might sicken students with allergies, and designate certain computers and school supplies that are only to be used by students like Gonzalez, the district said.