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Medical marijuana in schools? It may soon be legal in WA

A bill in the state legislature would allow parents to administer medical marijuana to their child on school grounds.

<p>John Barclay puts drops of CBD oil on his daughter's cookie in an effort to treat her epilepsy. (Credit: KING)</p>

When John Barclay's daughter, River, has a seizure, it's always a terrifying moment. Sometimes her severe epilepsy will cause them to become more violent, even four minutes long. She often has that scared look in her eyes.

"She's a beautiful and wonderful girl. I would feel helpless to see her go through those moments," John said.

About a year and a half ago, River, who John calls "Ducky," was put on an FDA trial for medical marijuana. And it worked miracles.

John, who is an IT engineer by trade, now finds himself part chemist, part alchemist, part dad as he administers CBD oil to River five times every day. Sometimes he places drops of the oil on a cookie, sometimes in apple sauce.

"It's liquid gold," John calls it.

Both he and River have legal medical marijuana endorsements, and John works with a pharmacist to get the dosage just right.

Now, seizures are more subtle, and recovery time comes in seconds, not minutes.

"She was brilliant in kindergarten, then seizures and (traditional) medication interfered with that," he said. "If we didn't do this, it would be bad for Ducky right now."

Still, school is hard.

Every day, John has to pick River up from school to administer the oil. But returning to class is too difficult for her to comprehend, so they stay home.

He is in full support of a new bill being considered by lawmakers that would allow John and other parents to administer medical marijuana to their child on school grounds. HB 1060 has bi-partisan support and is scheduled for public hearing in the House Committee on Health Care & Wellness Tuesday.

"This would allow me to be with her in a private office without any of the staff being there," John said. "I would just give her a cookie, and say 'have a good day."

CBD oil is becoming more popular among patients because of its low THC levels and therapeutic effects without the traditional feeling of being high.

"It's allowed me to have Ducky back," John said.

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