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How to make food choices that are good for you and the planet

"How to be a Conscious Eater" isn't about diets, fads, or hard rules. It's a straightforward guide to eating food that is sustainable for you and the planet.

SEATTLE — There's a lot of confusion in the food world.  How do we know what's good for you or what's not?  Should we always buy organic?  Is it that big a deal and worth the expense?  Sophie Eagan, former Director of Health and Sustainability Leadership for the Strategic Initiatives Group at The Culinary Institute of America answers all these questions and more in her new book How to be a Conscious Eater.

Sophie's Shopping Tips 

From How to be a Conscious Eater by Sophie Egan

  • Want eggs from humanely treated chickens? Look for labels that say: Animal Welfare Approved by AGW, Animal Welfare Certified - CertifiedGAP.org, or Certified Humane Raised & Handled. 
  • Buy wild salmon instead of farmed salmon, which often contains food dye and toxic chemicals. And wild is generally better for the planet, as heavy use of pesticides and antibiotics, as well as escaped farmed salmon, can damage surrounding waters and marine life. Picture factory farms, under water.
  • Try plant-based milk in your coffee or tea. It takes 2,000 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of cow’s milk. Almond and soy milk require half that amount or even less.
  • Choose olive oil over coconut oil. Coconut oil has about six times the saturated fat.
  • Use a shopping list to ensure you buy only what you will use, particularly when meat is on the menu. Tossing an uneaten hamburger wastes the water equivalent of taking a 90-minute shower.

About the Book: "Using three criteria—Is it good for me? Is it good for others? Is it good for the planet?—Sophie  Egan helps us navigate the bewildering world of food so that we can all  become conscious eaters. To eat consciously is not about diets, fads,  or hard-and-fast rules. It’s about having straightforward, accurate information to make smart, thoughtful choices amid the chaos of conflicting news and marketing hype. An expert on food’s impact on human  and environmental health, Egan organizes How to be a Conscious Eater into four  categories—stuff that comes from the ground, stuff that comes from animals, stuff that comes from factories, and stuff that’s made in restaurant kitchens. This guide offers bottom-line answers to your most top-of-mind questions about what to eat. sophieegan.com

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