Under new guidelines, nearly half of adults in the U.S. will be designated as having high blood pressure. Doctor Wendy Sue Swanson talks about how to reduce the risk of high blood pressure from an early age.

AAP Guidelines
• AAP updated guidelines to simplify & more precisely measure blood pressure tables
• AAP lowered the “normal” blood pressure values
• Blood pressure checks should be given at every well child exam – ASK ABOUT IT!
• “Normal” blood pressure for a child varies by age and size

• 3.5% of all children and teens have abnormally high blood pressure
• Obese children are at 4x the risk for developing high blood pressure
• Boys > girls and Hispanic and African-American children > Caucasian
• High blood pressure is a mostly “silent” condition

Ways To Reduce Risk
• Reduce sodium intake
• Eat lean proteins and healthy fats
• Increase exercise
• If lifestyle changes aren’t enough, your primary care doctor may prescribe a medication

AAP Guidelines on Treating High Blood Pressure in Children
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