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Facing the racial and economic impact disparities of COVID-19

Dr. Ben Danielson's first-hand account of how coronavirus is disproportionately hurting our non-English speaking community and people of color.

SEATTLE — The outbreak of COVID-19 is hurting many parts of our society, but our non-English speaking communities and people of color often deal with the brunt of the virus.

We spoke with Dr. Ben Danielson about what he's seeing right now at Seattle Children's Odessa Brown Children's Clinic.

"Well, it feels like sort of getting hit from every angle right now. A lot of these are families are actually forced to continue to work during this time in various jobs that are either considered essential or that are essential for families, which increases their exposure risk, which then means they're more likely to get sick and then when they are sick, as we know, nationally, more likely to have more severe illness," Danielson said. "The other families the loss of income that's affecting rent and housing has been really severe. If it's not yet hit every single person, then the worry of it hitting these families that already deal with so many other kinds of stress is it's just enormous. It's really devastating."

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