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What you need to know about coronavirus Sunday, Aug. 23

Find developments on the coronavirus pandemic and the plan for recovery in the U.S. and Washington state.

Where cases stand in Washington:

  • 6 new coronavirus deaths reported as of Sunday in Washington among 417 new cases, according to the Washington State Department of Health (DOH).
  • Total: 1,863 deaths among 71,012 overall cases in Washington state. 
  • Since the start of the pandemic, the DOH reports that 6,358 people have been hospitalized for COVID-19 in Washington state. 
  • The state reports of the total confirmed cases in the state, Washington's coronavirus death rate is 2.7%.

President Trump announces plasma treatment authorized for COVID-19

After expressing frustration at the slow pace of approval for coronavirus treatments, President Donald Trump announced Sunday the emergency authorization of convalescent plasma for COVID-19 patients.

The announcement came after days of White House officials suggesting there were politically motivated delays by the Food and Drug Administration in approving a vaccine and therapeutics for the disease that has upended Trump's reelection chances.

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Thurston County movie theater reopens with new COVID-19 precautions

An Olympia movie theater is back open and showing movies after being closed for months because of the coronavirus pandemic.  

The Century Olympia Movie Theater opened Friday night showing a new Russell Crowe thriller – Unhinged, and other classic movies like Jurassic Park and Raiders of the Lost Ark.  

Popcorn, sodas, and most of the snack bar favorites have returned but they’re now accompanied by cleaning wipes and face masks, along with other precautions to abide by state guidelines for reopening.

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As shoppers stay away, small stores seek refuge online

For small retailers across the country, the coronavirus outbreak has turned an already challenging business environment into never-ending uncertainty. 

Amy Witt might have 20 customers on a good day in her Dallas women's clothing store, and then none the next. 

"It's a rollercoaster we ride every day," says Witt, whose store, Velvet Window, reopened May 1 after being closed since March. "We're doing everything we can to cover expenses and keep the store stocked with inventory."

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Children with no COVID-19 symptoms may be more contagious than sick adults, study finds

A new U.S. study has found children infected with the new coronavirus -- even those with mild or no symptoms -- can have a significantly higher level of the virus in their airways than adult COVID-19 patients in intensive care. That high viral load can increase the risk of transmitting the virus to others, the authors say. 

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Mass General Hospital for Children (MGHfC) say it shows children may play a larger role in community spread than previously thought. It also raises new concerns about the reopening of daycare centers and schools without proper safety measures. 

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